from ideas to reality

everyone has to start somewhere; why not start here? 

A lot of things go into the makings of anyone, not just the makings of famous people like athletes and stars. Average, ordinary people put a lot of work into themselves to come out like they are. As I began to think about what I wanted to be for the rest of my life, I knew I had to incorporate my two loves: being a leader and encouraging the creativity of others.

How, you ask? Together.

Urbanity was created to give creative minds like yourself a place to freely and openly express your own ideas. Working for Urbanity requires commitment not only to the season and your fellow creators, but to yourself. Whether your voice takes the form of photography, writing, videography, music, fashion, we have a space for you here. If you don’t see your medium currently displayed, shoot us an email and we’ll create a space for you.

Are you ready to share your story?

xo, Morgan Gillespie

President, Content Manager