Morgan Gillespie

Born in Chicago, Illinois and raised in Atlanta, Georgia. 

A lot of things go into the makings of anyone, not just the makings of famous people like athletes and stars. Average, ordinary people put a lot of work into themselves to come out like they are.

Me, personally, I have a plan. I’ve had a plan since I was able to put pen to paper and sketch it out. From a young age, writing has come to be a vital part of my daily life. Before I recognized it as so, reading and writing had become one of my biggest strengths. It wasn't until much later that I found out that writing took not only effort, but inspiration. I have come to be able to use words as a way of expressing my thoughts, hopes, and dreams. I have a style, and I want to make a life with it.

As well as a student at the University of Missouri pursuing my career in strategic communication, I am also a hopeless romantic, coffee addict, fashion junkie, book lover, wannabe rockstar, and grammar nazi. 

As I began to think about what I wanted to be for the rest of my life, I knew I had to incorporate my other two loves: being a leader and encouraging the creativity of others. With my ease of writing came the natural need to edit and I deemed that I wanted my place in the world to be sitting among the top editors and designers. Is this a long shot? Yes. Will I make it? It’s always possible. How, you ask? Together.

xo, Morgan Gillespie

Content Manager