Tunnel Vision / Looking at the Mess I Made

The idea for Tunnel Vision came to me after I had just gotten over a severe case of writer's block. I hadn't written a decent song in months, and I had just gotten some inspiration, so with every moment I could spare, I was making music. So, I was talking to a friend, and he couldn't think of the way to word how he was trying to describe my attitude towards music. We finally came to realize that he was talking
about tunnel vision, but he didn't really know what the definition was, and the rest is history.

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"Two times I've been left out,

two times I’ve been let down.

They gave me tunnel vision,

focused on my goals now.”

Tunnel Vision, nomo

Finesse Father / Turtle

Finesse Father was a mood. I was feeling really down about life, but I felt like my life shouldn't be like that. I'm always top dog, head honcho. I'm a finesser; I don't get finessed. I feel like there isn't much else to it, but I feel like since I made the song, I should get clout tokens for it.

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