Zoomin' didn't even start out as a song with me on it. I was hired to record and mix the song, and I had no intentions of being on it. I also didn't like the song to begin with, but money is money, so I just went with it. I actually really liked the mix I had down for the song, so when KB asked me to be on the song, I didn't feel like it would be forced. I took the song home, and I sat down and started writing my verse. I couldn't get it right to save my life. I wrote 4 or 5 different verses for the song, but before I came to the finished product, I had nothing to contribute that I really liked.

When I started writing the verse that made the final cut, I really wanted to be authentic with what I was saying. I felt like I was trying too hard to be someone else in my other verses. The opening line says, "Cinco de Mayo/ I'm putting in work, so click on that link in my bio." By bringing up the Mexican independence day, I relate the fight of Mexico to become independent to my own struggle, and throughout that verse, there are plenty of references to my own life and experiences.

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Squad Goals / Looking At the Mess I Made

For Squad Goals, my brother, Branden Woodz, really wanted to do a song with me, and I was hype for it. We really wanted to do something fun. At the time, however, I was going through the worst case of writer's block in my life. We were just sitting around listening to the beats when one of us threw out part of the hook, and shortly after, we had it down.

The verse I have on that song actually came from a totally different song I had written. I really wasn't feeling that song after a while, and I was ready to scrap it. Before I ever started writing a verse for Squad Goals, I just went into my notes and looked for something that would fit. Since I was on a song with my older brother and I'm the second to last child of my family, I liked opening with the line "No Mouth, I'm the youngin just like Metro", because, on the same project this song was for, I had another of my older brothers. They think it's crazy that I do what I do, but I think this is just the beginning.

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