by garielle monique


I'm dreaming of a White Christmas 

Just like the ones we used to know

The world so bright and merry

A pure white ground of snow

A childlike heart that believed in Santa

We had bigger hopes and dreams

Now our wishes are more realistic

On everyone's wish-list, higher self-esteem

Counting down our years

Fewer gifts under the tree

Begging and pleading with Santa

'Just bring them back to me' 

I was dreaming of an old Christmas

When our eyes weren't glued to screens

And we all shared memories and laughs

The tree a beautiful everlasting green

I'm dreaming of a Black, Green and Gold Christmas

Like the years I've always known

Making a feast that lasts for days

Caroling that I could never outgrow

Grand market for hours

Jerk chicken and pork by the pound

Loud reggae music blaring

What a beautiful sound

Jonkanoos dancing on the street

Parties that would never end

Prayers always going up

Hearing 'Jah bless' again and again

I'll always be proud

Black green and gold

What a beautiful combination

Colors I'll forever hold