Everybody is hurting, pass their

delightful smiles.

Willing and working, for life to be


So recall in this you’re never alone,

regardless of what race, gender, socioeconomic status.

No point looking at, even with

advantageous featuring.

We are not the only one, playing along to

life's show.

Every one of us battling, in our own wars.

What do we truly know?

Of those truly favored.

Perhaps they've officially confronted their

own test or getting ready with

essential rest.

By Trent Miles

Freedom… Freedom remains the sole reason for American culture as we probably are aware of it. Without freedom, the considerable country of America would have never been established. To comprehend the genuine standards of opportunity, one must comprehend the extent of the word. Philosophical opportunity includes the capacity to settle on decisions without restrictions, while political freedom is the condition of being free as opposed to in physical control. In spite of the significance of these plans to our establishing fathers, freedom has lost quite a bit of its significance in modern American societies. The inability to push the significance of freedom has decreased the personal satisfaction for the whole American populace.This poem shows the struggle of what an american goes through, the pain and suffering. And someday, we all can have that american dream called freedom.

Freiheit, ελευθερία, svoboda, Свобода, Liria, חופש, Freedom.

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