By Garielle Monique

When My Heart Broke

When my heart broke

I felt tears that I couldn’t make fall

But I couldn’t help but understand

It was my fault

You were everything I prayed for

Everything I asked for

Everything I wanted

When my heart broke

I remembered the prayers

I remember the long nights 

Pleading I’d find someone like you

I was in love with you

You were in love with you

I loved me enough for the both of us

My love overshadowed my worth

When my heart broke 

I remembered everything I offered

Every call I answered

Every laugh I mustered

Every time I sacrificed for you

I found my true power 

I remembered who I truly am

When my heart broke







When Your Heart Broke

When your heart broke

I could see it in your eyes

How broken you were

When you looked at me

The way the tears fell slowly

The way you looked at other women

They weren’t enough

They weren’t me

When your heart broke

I could hear it in your voice

The way it trembled 

When you tried to say my name

The way it shook

When you explained how you broke me

When your heart broke

You remembered how I held you

You remembered how I encouraged you

You remembered the way I supported you

You realized my strength

You realized how I loved you

You realized my power 

You realized my worth

But it was all too late

When your heart broke