Heaven and Hell

by Garielle Monique 

You’re my stairway to heaven 

I see angels in your eyes

My protector and my lover

All at the same time

You give me hope and strength

Something I could never feel before

You give me love and attention

Which makes me need you more

I see doves when you speak

Your heart so fulfilling and true

I feel trust and honesty

I see my lifeline in you

You’re my stairway to heaven

My pathway to love

Artmajeur, by Sergio Arcos

Artmajeur, by Sergio Arcos

Our love is sending me to hell

I can already tell

You’re all my sins reimagined

I can feel it in our passion 

You fill me with lust

In the simplest touch

You’re the heart of my pride

Even through all your lies

When it comes to you I feel greed

You fulfill my every need

With you, I feel seven deadly sins

I can’t tell where our true love begins

I could never have enough

Of our sin filled love

You’ve paved my road to hell

I can already tell