By Garielle Monique


When You Were Here

There were never enough words

Never enough kisses

Never too much encouragement

You wrapped your arms around me

Like I was enough

Like I made you proud

Like you could see the world

Through my eyes

I felt the world

When I looked into yours

I felt the world

When you spoke

I felt your love

When you held me

Sleeping on your bed

Through the nightmares

Through my fear

Through my pain

You were my love

That reminded me to be a light

Now That You're Not

I still miss you

Your endless kisses

Your never ending encouragement

I still feel the world

When I see your pictures

When I imagine your hugs

When I see you in a dream

You were everything 

The way you saw everyone

With a hope a glimmer in your eye

You could see no wrong

Your memory still carries

You still wipe away my tears

Vanquish all my fears 

And lead me through my years

Your words remind me

I'm still enough 

You'll never leave me

You've been my light