You were a storm that I waited for

A storm that was supposed to take me

Take me away

Wash me away

Cleanse me

I waited for you 

I expected you

I prepared for you

I anticipated everything about you

But you were just rain

Just a small thunderstorm

You weren't the hurricane I needed

You took me by surprise 

But not in a good way

You lacked everything I needed


You were the storm that I needed

A storm I didn't expect

You cleansed me

Washed it all away

I needed you

And I never knew it

I opened my eyes and you were there

You appeared

In every crevice that I didn't notice

I felt you without knowing it

I wasn't prepared for you

I barely expected you

You took me by surprise

In every way that I needed

You were for me

Everything for me

Everything I needed


Garielle Monique