"Prior to moving away from home, I felt like I was being held back. I couldn't put my finger on it, but there was something in my hometown that I felt limited me from reaching my full potential.
   Now, picture moving out of your hometown, and you've never lived anywhere else. While you might feel relief that you're gone, there's the doubt that this new place might not work out, and man, it was overwhelming."
- nomo
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Free Spirit / Mama Ain't Really Raise a Rapper (EP) 

Free Spirit was first written as a poem, but when I heard the instrumental I used to the song, I thought it was perfect. Free Spirit is the melting pot of my overactive, anxiety-ridden brain. The song itself spans just under 2 minutes, and the reason for that being that I not only wanted to keep it short and sweet, but it represents what little of an attention span I have.

Free Spirit is about how I interpret other people's actions towards me. They don't want to listen to what I have to say. They hate on me and want to tear me down. They don't show love to me. They do these things so much that I end up just wanting to seclude myself and fade away.

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Pull Up / Looking At the Mess I Made  

In Pull Up, I embrace that resentment I've built towards people. My inner asshole came out. It is a story about lost love and being the one hurt in the situation. I try to find console in the fact that I was going to hurt her regardless. "I don't know why you keep calling me," I open with, hoping that she'll feel as hurt as I do. Maybe if she just left me alone, we could both go on and enjoy our lives, but is it what we really want?

I drew some inspiration for this song from Nav's Good For It, and I actually quote it in my song. A lot of what drove this song to creation was heartache and having no one to turn to that could really understand how I felt. In this instance, music really was my therapy. 

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