By Trent Miles

You can't change the world,

In any case, you can give the world one enhanced individual - Yourself.

You can chip away at yourself to make yourself be who you want

Into the sort of individual you appreciate and regard.

You can turn into a good example and set a standard for other people.

You can control and train yourself to oppose acting

Or then again talking adversely toward anybody for any reason.

You can demand continually doing things the cherishing way,

As opposed to the pernicious way.

By doing these things every day, you can proceed with your adventure

Toward turning into an outstanding person.

In the event that you met me today, I would be a shadow in the road

humble, calm, tranquil, broken

In the event that you met me tomorrow, I would be boisterous and wealthy

Certain, upbeat, attentive, talked

Definition is an accommodation to your identity now

As we develop we change, don't address how

My identity today isn't what is around me, it is inside me

A situation does not change my identity

Neither completes a verse pummel

Definition is made, not conceived

Through life, it is condemned, evaluated, torn

Who a man is can't just be characterized

As any writer knows, the definition requires some serious energy

I am as yet a young, longing to investigate

Looking through my heart, and closing the entryway

As yet perceiving what I accept

Taking risks, figuring out how to lament

There are such huge numbers of minutes to be a piece of

Winding up is harder than experiencing passionate feelings for

If it's not too much trouble direct me on who to be

Since characterizing myself isn't simple

I believe that I am shaping my own destiny

And no one

Can change it