Thoughts on This Year’s Spooky Season

By Anna Ortega

            It’s the best time of year; pumpkins are out on porches, the leaves are falling, and candy sections in grocery stores are growing. Fall is here, and Halloween is right around the corner. Everyone’s minds are filled with thoughts of possible costumes, parties, scary movies/activities, and more. Therefore, due to the rampant holiday spirit, I decided to ask several different people a set of questions to get their opinions on Halloween, whether they will be celebrating or not, and what they feel this Halloween will be like. 

1. What’s your most prominent memory of Halloween?

“I met my best friend when we were 4. We were wearing the same Halloween costume. Spiderman. I saw him wearing it and ran to him and then we've been friends ever since.” – Jeremy, 16, from Illinois

“My most prominent Halloween memory was spending the holiday with a gay Post Malone.” – Kaylee, 19, from Tennessee

“When I was 10, we hosted this huge Halloween party. I went to a really small school and had lived in the county most of my life and had just moved to the city of Corinth, so my neighbors and friends and a ton of other people came. I remember dressing as Boba Fett but forcing my dad to buy me a light saber despite the costume choice because I hadn’t seen Star Wars before and didn’t know that’s not how it worked.” – Caleb, 18, from Mississippi (pictured below)

“Stealing the candy bowls when it said take one only.” – Brandon, 15, from Illinois

2.  Will you be celebrating Halloween this year; why or why not? How will you be celebrating if so?

“Yes; I like to pass out candy to the dressed up children and drink hot chocolate when it’s cold outside.” – Trent, 15, from Illinois

“I will be getting dressed up in a sexy outfit and going out, but that’s it really. I would definitely feel left out if I didn’t join in on the fun of Halloween in college.” – Kira, 18, from Missouri

“Yeah, because I don’t think I’ll be able to when I’m older. I’ll probably be celebrating by going to parties around campus.” – Payton, 18, Missouri (pictured below)


“Yes; it’s a beautiful day. I’m not exactly sure what I’m doing on Halloween yet.” – John, 18, from Indiana

3.  What new costumes do you think will emerge this year?

“Fortnite is almost a guarantee, and it wounds me emotionally.” – Caleb, 18, from Mississippi

“This year, I think there’ll probably be a lot of “IT” costumes and vintage costumes.” – Sofi, 15, from Illinois

“I think just like inappropriate kids costumes and more vines/memes as well as more illegal or adult-themed costumes like nicotine products or marijuana.” – Kira, 18, from Missouri (pictured below)


“We’ll see more of like sinister outfits or ghosts” – Trent, 15, from Illinois

4.  What’s your favorite Halloween candy?

“Reese’s peanut butter cups.” – Brandon, 15, from Illinois (pictured below)


“Candy cigarettes.” – John, 18, from Indiana

“My favorite candy is Reese’s pumpkins, babyyy!” – Kaylee, 18, from Tennessee

“I’m going to have to say M&M's or Kit-Kats.” – Jeremy, 16, from Illinois

5.  Sum up how you feel about Halloween in 5 words:

“You dress how you want.” – Sofi, 15, from Illinois (pictured below, top)

“Spooky, mystical, imaginative, crisp, cool.” – Morgan, 16, from Illinois

“Time to get sexy/spooky!” – Kira, 18, from Missouri

“A good time to wild out.” – Kaylee, 19, from Tennessee (pictured below)


 “Spooky season and big bitches.” – Jeremy, 16, from Illinois

6.  If you participate this year in dressing up, what will you be?

 “I’m going to be Arthur this year.” – Morgan, 16, from Illinois

“Unfortunately, I’m undecided right now.” – Payton, 18, from Missouri

“I’m dressing up as a Doodle-Bop this year.” – Trent, 15, from Illinois (pictured below)

“I’m probably not dressing up this year actually.” – Brandon, 15, from Illinois

“Hmm, I might practice cosplay and do a character from My Hero Academiabecause I’m a massive dork-wad.” – Caleb, 18, from Mississippi

7.             What are you most afraid of during spooky season?

“Clowns are the worst. I hate clowns so much. I would stab one if I saw one. I hated when it was a craze 2 years ago.” – Jeremy, 16, from Illinois

“Honestly, the police.” – John, 18, from Indiana

“Spooky men on the prowl for kids that go trick-or-treating.” – Morgan, 16, from Illinois (pictured below, left)

“I’m literally scared of everything, so yeah.” – Kaylee, 19, from Tennessee

“I’ll probably have to say not having a good costume.” – Payton, 18, from Missouri

“I most fear what absurd plans my friends might rope me into.” – Caleb, 18, from Mississippi

So now that you’ve heard how other people feel about spooky season, what do you think?

Let us know!