Top 5 Shows That Make Me Miss Good Times

By Anna Ortega


Getting home from school, especially on particularly rough days, hopping on the couch with a blanket and watching these few shows was the most peaceful thing to me the past few years of my life. They provided me a distraction from the stress in my life, and I was able to both learn from these shows and grow closer with family and friends while watching them. I really grew close to most of these shows, so here they are below so some of  you can check them out if you want.

Hope some of you check these out! Let us know which, if you watch, is your favorite.

Adventure Time 

            Even though the show comes across as a children’s show, there are actually various deeper themes that make it enjoyable for anyone to watch. Adventure Time is a show about a human boy named Finn and his magic dog, Jake, and their adventures throughout the land of Ooo. When beginning to watch the show, one can appreciate its creativity and various songs, but as the show progresses, an interesting story line begins to reveal itself. Adventure Time is one of my favorite shows, and I’ve actually started re-watching it because I miss it. Here’s one of my favorite songs from the show, titled “What Am I To You?”

American Horror Story  

            I’ve been watching this show since around the time it came out, and I haven’t really felt disappointed by any season I’ve watched. American Horror Storycaptures horror in an entirely different way, taking the audience on a ride of various twists and turns throughout the show. Each season of the show is based around a new and unique storyline, allowing it to not carry one with just one story, but tell several different ones, keeping the audience entertained. If I had to choose, I would have to say season 1, “Murder House,” and season 3, “Coven,” were the best seasons, and “Cult” just came out on Netflix. The promos also do a really good job of highlighting what the show is about, so above I put a compilation of all of the promos put together.

 Parks and Recreation

            Similar in various ways to The Office, this show uses reactive humor to make its audience laugh and hook them onto it. Through the characters and the show’s best moments, it’s easy to get attached to this show. Parks and Recreation is a show about the department of parks and recreation in Pawnee, Indiana. Leslie Knope, the Deputy Director of the office, leads us through her various strange undertakings in Pawnee, whether it be erecting a new park or running for City Council. This show in particular is special to me, personally, because I remember watching most seasons with my dad, and it helped us bond at times when we usually didn’t get along too well. Above are some funny moments from the show to make your day better.

Black Mirror 

            Black Mirroris a fairly new show, but I would have to describe it as one of the best shows on here. Just like American Horror Story, the show makes its mark on the audience through several twists and turns in the show; the outcome of each story is never what you’d expect. Black Mirror is a collective of several different stories, all relating to a larger picture or theme seen in society today. For example, “Nosedive,” one of the most memorable episodes, in my opinion, entertains the idea of if people had personal ratings instead of money; basically, the episode explores what it would be like if one’s life was driven by whether people like you or find you “cool” enough to associate with. A lot of people don’t really enjoy this show as much, labeling it “too creepy” or “depressing to watch,” but I believe the themes and ideas Black Mirrortries to portray are kind of interesting to think about. Here’s the most recent promo they have for season 4, so watch and see what you think.

Jane the Virgin

            Jane Villanueva, the main character of Jane the Virgin, is a young Venezuelan woman who finds herself accidentally artificially-inseminated and lives with her Spanish-speaking grandmother and mother. I hold this show especially close for many reasons, but the main reason is that usually Venezuela doesn’t get much representation in American-produced Latinx shows; characters are usually Mexican or Puerto Rican, so it’s nice to see my country represented in a show I’ll actually enjoy. For this same reason, my mom and grandma often enjoyed watching this show with me. Through all of Jane’s struggles in the show, you really get to see her grow as a person and find out how to raise a child she wasn’t prepared for. Above is an extended version of the trailer for the show, basically entailing all that leads up to Jane’s pregnant state.