Why Kevin Durant is the Worst Basketball Player of This Era

by nomo 

            Two NBA championships. 2014’s NBA Most Valuable Player Award. Two Finals MVP Awards. Four NBA scoring titles. NBA Rookie of the Year Award. Two Olympic gold medals. Durant has achieved these awards and many more. His skills as a basketball player are never called into question, because he is undoubtedly one of the most skilled basketball players of all time. However, his actions and heart cannot be ignored. This is much more to a career as a professional basketball player than playing basketball. Maintaining an image and being a role model to others is inherently part of the job, and I think Kevin Durant is one of the worst role models of this era.

            After blowing a 3-1 lead in a best of 7 series to the Golden State Warriors, Kevin Durant left the Oklahoma City Thunder. Kevin Durant was drafted 2ndoverall in the 2007 NBA Draft to the Seattle Supersonics who later became the Oklahoma City Thunder. Up to that moment in time, he had spent the entirety of his career with the same team, but after they’re devastating loss to the Warriors, he left OKC for GSW. So, not only did he leave the team he had been on since the beginning of his career, he went to the team that beat them.

            If you have any sense of integrity, you can see why this would be wrong, but Durant was also part of the reason they lost the series. After OKC had gone up 3-1, Durant choked for the remainder of the series, and then he left to go to the Warriors who were already reigning champions. The previous year, the Warriors had the best record in NBA history winning 73 of their 82 games. As a result, the Warriors were a stacked, unworldly team that had no one to really compete with.

            Durant has also been one to respond to media online. Often, he’s been found to have fake personas on Twitter where he uses the account to defend himself against media outlets and reporters. This is incredibly petty and soft of Durant to do, because most of the time, he avoids criticisms and questions that challenge his integrity as a person.

            Durant is an exemplary basketball player and athlete. His actions and attitude, however, prevent him, in my eyes, from being the greatest player of all time.