Juniper - Chapter 5

I didn’t know where I was at. All I remember was Keyana’s scowling face before my memory cut out. On the sidewalk of my university building, the only thing running through mind was, “Is she going to kill me?.” What a twisted person she was to attack me for no reason. Who was she really, and what did I do to her?

A dulled pounding noise caused me to sit upright. I was in a dimly lit room, the lamp on the table being the only source of light. I scanned my surroundings and noticed that I could see each corner of the room. There was a bed underneath me, a dresser in front of it and two doors on my right. I assumed one was my way out. There was no light was to put it.

I had been kidnapped and acknowledging those words paralyzed me with fear. Every breath I took was filled with less oxygen than the last, I was starting to hyperventilate. NO. If I freaked out and gave reason for someone to come in, I wouldn’t be able to escape. And I was going to get out. I set the intention into the universe, adding a prayer along with it. My begging whispers quieted when I heard the pounding stop and the sound of footsteps outside my door.

“Is she in here?” I couldn’t tell if it was male or female. I definitely couldn’t recognize it.

I laid my head back on the bed, straightening my face as if I were asleep.

“Yea D, she’s not going anywhere.” A deep voice this time.

I tried to keep my tears from falling from my face, but it was hard to hear my life being discussed so casually. I am going to die and these people are going to kill me. Worse, I didn’t do anything wrong.

A snarky tone from the faceless voice responded. “Good, That’s your job.” A pause. “I’ll let him know.”

Him?? The worst-case scenarios popped up inside of my head. I sobbed quietly.

I heard shuffling before the guard spoke again. “D.”

Silence. “Yes?”

“She’s a little bruised up.” More silence. “Keyana picked her up and you know how she is. She must not have liked the gi-“


I whimpered in fear. I could feel the anger from where I was laying. 

The man named D continued a little softer. “There will be repercussions, I’ll let him know it wasn’t you. Anything else?”

“No, that’s it.”

When silence greeted me once more, I breathed in a sigh of relief. The tears I had cried were sitting in a puddle on this cream pillow. It reminded me of one thing, though and I groaned at the inconvenience. It was like I wanted to see something horrifying. The other door could be a restroom or it could be a place where they keep the multitude of dead bodies. I shuddered at even the thought. Before I lost nerve, I pulled the covers of my body and walked to the door. 

Pain shot through my head, shoulder, side and lower back. Yep. That bitch kicked my ass.

It was enough to get me angry. Seething from head to toe, I reached the door handle of the door I prayed was the bathroom and opened it with my eyes closed.

I stood with my eyes closed for three more seconds, when I opened them I saw a discolored toilet, shower, and a sink with a mirror. 

It was relief at the highest level. And my thoughts of escaping returned.

I gasped. My parents? They didn’t know where I was? I had to call them. I scrambled in my pockets for my phone, ipod or anything! Then remembered I had something else. My mom gave me a whistle when I was nine years old and told me to blow in it, anytime I was in trouble and she’d come to my rescue. I remember asking her how she would know but she’d smile and say, “Don’t worry about the why, believe in its power and it will show you it.” 

I admired the cold, metal of my whistle sitting in my palm. I had only blown into this whistle three times my whole life and none of those times could compare to how afraid I was right now. I blew into softly at first, letting the air barely pass through the top, the second time was louder and my fingers shook at the thought of being discovered. The third time I blew into fully for three seconds before shoving into my bra and flushing the toilet, hoping that the sounds would confuse my captors.

I heard a voice outside the door again. My hand went to mouth in fear, and I backed away into the shower to hide. 

“Did she blow that?” It was a different voice, one I hadn’t heard before.

“Israel, ijayo alpha, my apologies I did not know you had returned from your trip so quickly.”

Did I hear that correctly?

“Is she safe? Does she know that she is safe? How is she being treated?”

“Sir, nothing has happened to her. We were waiting on your return before doing anything with her.”

“She hasn’t been cared for since I’ve been gone?” I could sense rage boiling inside of him.

I tried to keep my breathing still but I couldn’t ignore the many questions I TOO had for the situation. This couldn’t be the Israel in my BioChem class? Why is he concerned for me? What does all of this mean?

He frustration won out and a thud knocked at the door of the room. “I want to see her now,” Israel growled low.

What? No! I didn’t have an iota of what was going on, but the last thing I wanted to do was see the monsters outside of this door. My legs were weak, and I was getting lightheaded from the stress. I tried to make myself as small I could in order to hide, but a voice inside of me told me to stand tall like the woman my mother and father taught me to be.

I was sick to my stomach afraid with disgust lined on my face, but I managed to step out the shower and confront this man who wanted to see me so desperately. My chin lifted high and my face hardened. I would show no fear. 

The door opened and Israel, the man from my BioChem, walked through. He stood over six inches taller than me, with thick shoulders and a gentleness to his face that I could only describe as caring. I narrowed my eyes and stepped back from him. Emanating through his pores I felt vulnerability, love and something deeper, a little unexplainable. 

“Naomi, I’m sorry it happened like this. I’ve never done something like this before. I didn’t know it was possible to feel this way abo-“ 

What was going on? “Stop!” I interrupted him. “What is happening? I want to go home or I’m calling the cops, this is sick. You kidnapped me! I don’t even know you.”

A rush filled my heart, and I finally had the nerve to look up at his face. 

Time. Went. Still.

It was as if nothing mattered before I saw his brown orbs grace my face. We locked eyes and nothing even mattered. At all. Whispers in my soul, ears and mind shouted, “He is your protector”, “He is your confidant”, “He is your lover”, “He is your friend.”

I gasped loudly. I thought I saw him. I thought I had him figured out, who he was and what he had done. But I didn't know anything. As I held his eye contact, I felt a homely warmth that I hadn't felt since my mother held me in her arms as a child. What was this? It was beyond me. I felt peace in his eyes.

Everything happened so slow after that. I saw Israel's eyes glow a deep red and his canines extend- I thought my eyes would pop out of my head. Did he-? Did I just see what I thought I just saw? He was terrifying and even though I knew he would never hurt me, I couldn't help the squeal that escaped my lips. 

I felt my head loll side to side, my dense curls smacking me in the face as I fought consciousness. He moved so fast to catch me. Before I could protest, his strong chocolate arms grabbed my waist and he whispered in my ears, "Mine."